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Kindnesswe are friendly and respectful

Love of learningwe want to achieve our best

Resiliencewe are positive and happy

Couragewe are honest and persistent

Self-Awarenesswe are sensible and tolerant

Creativitywe celebrate our high standards


Welcome to Class AW

A warm welcome to class AW. As I’m sure you all know by now, I am Mrs Wass and along with class TAs Miss Stimson and Mr Whittingham, we will be doing all that we can to keep all children and adults as safe as possible. There are many measures in place to do this including staying in our own bubbles, lots of handwashing, cleaning our tables and public areas. It is so important to make sure we all know how to keep ourselves safe and this is something we will keep at the heart of all of our lessons. Parents can help too by making sure our children remember to wash their hands often and if they cough or sneeze, wash hands afterwards.

Our autumn topic is, ‘A child like me’. We are all excited to find out what makes us special and what our hopes and dreams are. A selection of books we will be reading will retell the stories of inspirational adults and their childhood dreams. The books – Little People, Big Dreams focus on people, including Martin Luther King Jnr, David Attenborough, Mahatma Gandhi, Emmeline Pankhurst, Marie Curie, Frida Kahlo. We will also find out about the continents and how life is for the children who live there. We will be comparing how we are similar or different to children around the world and how we are all equal and to be treated the same. Children will be talking to you about inspirational adults who may have influenced you!

During English, as well as reading lots of different texts, we will be answering questions to find out how well we have understood what we have read. We will be improving our writing by including good sentence openers and checking our work includes the features we are looking for. We will improve our understanding of grammar including nouns, verbs, adverbs and adjectives. One class book we will be reading is ‘Here we are’ by Oliver Jeffers. Our children will read daily to improve their confidence and we ask that parents support this at home by listening to children read their own books for the present time to minimise any spread by limiting resources between home and school as much as possible. Be prepared for your child to ask you to listen to them read at home!

For Maths, the main focus this term is place value, addition and subtraction and multiplying and dividing. It is a really important year for Year 4 children as they will be sitting the Multiplication Tables Check in June 2021. Learning tables needs to be a big focus as children have missed some precious learning time because of the pandemic. Parents can help children in Y3/4 by encouraging them to log onto to help them learn their tables. There are many other online times tables resources to help. Some can be found on the, including hit the button. Children can earn a diploma by completing the activities on Children will be asked to complete games using TT Rock stars as their maths homework each week and complete a weekly tables test in school.

During Science, we will be looking at how we change as we get older, nutrition, bones and muscles and how to look after our teeth. It is Important to know how our bodies develop as we age. We will continue to look at how we are keeping ourselves safe and ways to improve our lifestyles through diet and exercise. This will always be done in a safe and socially distanced way. When possible, we will also spend time in the school gardens looking at plants and growing food to link to our science unit as part of our outdoor curriculum.

In Religious Education and PSHE, we will find out about belonging to our community and how the people in our community have supported us recently. Children will be able to find out people who have supported us through recent difficult times. We will be holding fundraising activities linked to the local community to see how we can help others.

Children really enjoy Art and DT and will be developing a host of skills to help them create a range of abstract faces and hand designs. They have already begun to look at patterns and how to build these up within their designs. This links nicely to our topic and shows how everyone is unique. During the next half term, we are hoping to be able to bake in small groups using our keeping safe skills.

Games will be run with Scunthorpe Football in the Community for our class each Wednesday. These will take place on the school field or in the playground. Class PE will be outdoors with me for PE every Friday as long as the weather permits. Children need to bring in their kits every Monday and take them home for washing on a Friday. Games and PE will be outside for as long as possible to make sure we are all keeping safe and children will be washing hands before and after lessons and staying as socially distanced as much as possible.

Children may have already mentioned learning French in school. Our lessons will be taught by a French specialist who is also a TA in our school.

Enjoy the autumn term,

Mrs Wass

Welcome to Leys Farm Junior School. THIS WEBSITE IS UNDERGOING AN UPDATE. Reminder: School reopened 2nd September 2021. October half term is 22nd October to 1st November. Any urgent Children and Family Services problems please contact 01724 296500.