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Love of learningwe want to achieve our best

Resiliencewe are positive and happy

Couragewe are honest and persistent

Self-Awarenesswe are sensible and tolerant

Creativitywe celebrate our high standards


Magic and Mystery

In the Autumn term, children in Year 4 and 5 classes looked at Magic and Mystery as their topic. They were able to find out about great magicians, such as Harry Houdini, and mysterious events from aliens to detective stories.
Children produced some wonderful writing about magical happenings and mysterious arrivals. They enjoyed research opportunities to find out more about Houdini and other famous magicians.
In activities children looked at the work of Van Gogh, Particularly the starry night images, and produced many wonderful paintings and sketches.
In science, the children found out about Space and Light. Children also enjoyed a visit from Mr Morton with a Planetarium, allowing children to find out more about the planets and ask many interesting questions to deepen their knowledge about Space.
Children were able to take part in experiments in Science to allow them to better understand how shadows are formed and where light comes from.

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